Ultrasafe Lancets

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By Vitrex

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Vitrex Sterilance Press ll Lancets from Hawksley are intended for blood glucose and other in vitro diagnostic tests. Each unit includes a box with 100 lancets. Health workers worldwide face accidental needle-stick injury while caring for patients, putting themselves at risk to bloodborne illnesses including the AIDS virus and Hepatitis.

 Colour Code Configuration Penetration Depth Application
Green 18G blade 1.8 mm Baby care & heel puncture
Blue 21G needle 1.8 mm Similar to Yellow but for increased blood flow
21G needle 2.2 mm Blood banks, blood gas & diagnostic tests
Pink 21G needle 2.8 mm As above but for thicker adult skin
Yellow 26G needle 1.8 mm Diabetes clinics & blood glucose monitoring
Purple 28G needle 1.8 mm Low blood flow, low pain

How To Use

1.  Carefully twist off the protective cap.

2.  Select puncture site and press the device firmly against the site to release the lancet.

3.  Dispose the safety lancet in a suitable safety container.

WARNING: Do not use if protective cap has previously been removed.

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