RAININ Pos-D Positive-Displacement Pipette

By Rainin

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Pos-D Pipettes is specially designed for liquids with high densities, viscosities or vapor pressures, which utilises a positive displacement principle to create their pipette action. The direct contact of the piston to the sample allows for the pipetting of dense, viscous or volatile liquids.

These pipettes are compatible with Rainin capillary-pistons, have a completely natural feel, which includes an ergonomic finger-hook, allowing the Pos-D fits comfortably in your hand, and have clear and visible displays.

The positive wiping action of the piston against the capillary wall assures complete dispensing without droplets. Given the disposable capillaries and pistons, positive displacement absolutely eliminates cross-contamination from aerosols, samples or pipette.

Technical Specifications
Manual Increments
0.02 μL
9% 0.09 μL ; 2% 0.1 μL ; 1.5% 0.15 μL
3% 0.03 μL ; 0.6% 0.03 μL ; 0.6% 0.06μL
Pipette Type


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