ICSI Pipettes

By Optimas

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ICSI Pipettes are used to aspirate the sperm cell and inject into the oocyte during an ICSI procedure. 

Optimally parallel design and elbow-to-tip length enable a precise intraluminal fluid control. This feature helps a better sperm injection control and makes carriage of multiple sperms at a time possible. The ideally flexible tip design provides an effective immobilisation of the sperm, without adherence of the sperm tail to the surface of the dish.

Optimally designed sharp tips enables easy penetration into zona pellucida and a gentle entrance into the cytoplasm. 

Different ICSI pipette types with varying inner diameters, tip types and elbow angles are provided for different requirements. 

Technical Specifications

 Outer Diameter

 6 micrometers

Inner Diameter

 5 micrometers



Bevel to Tip Length

 800 micrometers

Total Length

 54-56 millimeters 

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