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Accumax Universal Pipette Tips

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Hawksley & Accumax are the gold standard when it comes to quality in the production of Pipette Tips. With a range of different sized tips that work on most brands of pipettes, our Tips can meet all your pipetting needs. 

Using state of the art manufacturing techniques and raw materials, as well as adhering to established industry standards, ensures that every batch of Hawksley-Accumax's Pipette Tips leave the assembly line in perfect condition.

Our high-quality Pipette Tips are certified to be free from detrimental biological substances, including; DNAse, RNAse, Endotoxin, Pyrogen & ATP. 

Tips are packed inside a rack pack containing 10 X 96 tips per rack. This is fully auto-clavable & stackable with a hinge rack which allows for single hand operation. The tray is colour coded for easy identification.

Please give Hawksley a call and we would be happy to send your laboratory some free samples. Other types of tips are also available if you have a specific request.

Key Features
  • World-class, accredited and sterile facility for the manufacturing of Tips
  • US FDA approved medical grade polypropylene plastic, that is completely transparent
  • No trace of metals
  • Compatible with most brands of pipette
  • Swiss-made Diamond Finish Mould for flawlessly smooth internal surface.
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Certified to be free of DNArs, RNAs, Human DNA, Endotoxin, Pyrogen, PCR Inhibitor & ATP
  • Design prevents DNA denaturalisation
  • Low retention tips. Free from softening agents which could influence sample results
  • Visual quantity marks to minimize errors during sample analysis
    Technical Specification
     Code Description Packing Type Quantity per pack
    10µl Universal Grad. tip
    10 X 96 tips / rack
    200µl Universal Grad. tip
    10 X 96 tips / rack
    1000µl Universal Grad. tip 
    10 X 96 tips / rack


    Hawksley Accumax Pipette Tip Brochure.pdf

    Hawksley Accumax Pipette Tip Compatibility.xls