Domel Centric 400R Refrigerated Centrifuge

By Domel

Product Description

The Domel Centric 400R Centrifuge is a universal laboratory centrifuge, designed for use in medical, industrial and scientific laboratories for separating substances with different relative densities by centrifugal force. The maximum rotational speed of 18.000 RPM gives the centrifugal force of 31.150 x g.

A wide usage of programming options and an electronic operation control allow a trouble-free use of the centrifuge.

With a special drive, quiet maintenance-free operation without any carbon dust pollution is guaranteed.

Device is equipped with user-friendly options which make the operation and standard settings easier for you. Built-in error detecting functions keep the user from entering incorrect values and check the complete operation.

The centrifuge has the possibility to save programs. In the program store you can save up to 10 different data sets. The centrifuge always keeps the last run program in its  memory for an unlimited amount of time  allowing the program to be restarted at any time - even if the centrifuge was turned off during operation. All important operation parameters can be seen at a glance.

The settings are executed with knobs and keys on the control panel. The interior of the centrifuge is also easy to clean. We are able to offer you a device that combines functional variety with practical applications.

Please note this centrifuge is sold without a rotor. If you are interested in purchasing, please get in contact with our Account Manager Harvey at +44 (0)1903 752 815.

Main Features

> Robust Design, Quiet Running

> Brushless Drive System, Maintenance Free

> Safety features: Automatic Rotor Recognition System, Automatic Speed Limitation System, Imbalance, 2 point lid lock, Errors displayed With sound alarms

> Microprocessor Controlled Functions of Cover, Time, Speed and Temperature

> Adjustable Accelaration and Braking System

> Special Start - Stop Features

> Fast Spin & Quick-Cooling® Features

> Constant Temperature Fan System

> Up to 10 Programs

Technical Data

Technical Data  Centric 400R
Max. rotation speed 500 to 18.000 rpm, in steps of 10 rpm
Max. centrifugal force 31.150 x g
Temperature set range -9°C to +40°C
Time 0 - 99 min, hold function
Programs 10
Acceleration & Deceleration 0 - 9 (10) levels
Noise level (at max. speed) < 58 dB(A)
Fast spin with preselected speed Yes
Fast cooling 22°C to 4°C Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 350 x 650 x 545 mm
Weight 79 kg


Please note that the prices listed are for a centrifuge without a rotor included. If you are interested in purchasing from our Domel range, please get in contact with our Account Manager Harvey at +44 (0)1903 752 815.

8 place rotor for 1.5 / 2.0ml microtubes (DOM-R001) 

12 place rotor for 1.5 / 2.0ml microtubes (DOM-R002) 

24 place rotor for 1.5 / 2.0ml microtubes (DOM-R003) 

30 place rotor for 1.5 / 2.0ml microtubes (DOM-R004) 

6 place rotor for 50ml conical flasks (DOM-R009) 

24 place haematocrit rotor for 75mm capillary tubes (DOM-R010) 

6 x 8 place strip rotor for PCR tubes (DOM-R011) 

4 place rotor for 100ml bags (DOM-R012) 

4 place rotor for 200ml bags (DOM-R013) 

2 place swing out rotor for deep well plates (DOM-R014) 

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