Soft Denudation Tips

The Soft Denudation Tip is a single-use micropipette used for oocyte manipulation, blastomer, or polar body manipulation, embryo handling of denuding. Reproline Soft Denudation Tips are made from flexible medical grade plastic and are nearly unbreakable to avoid scratch surface or break.

They are available in lots of different sizes and are compatible with most popular micropipettors used by fertility laboratories.

Sizes & General Information

Reproline Tips are made in a large range of sizes that IVF laboratories will be familiar with already. As standard, the tip is a precise straight cut-off, but can be requested cut at a 45 degree angle to fit your application:

125um, 130um, 135um, 140um, 145um, 150um, 155um, 165um, 170um, 175um, 200um, 250um, 290um, 300um

These Denudation Tips are CE-certified to the latest European Standard, as well as being tested with a Mouse Embryo Assay (MEA). They are tested for the presence of endotoxins (LAL), and all are sterilised through gamma irradiation.

Quality Control

Reproline works to an ISO 13485 Quality Management System for the production and distribution of products for reprodeuctive medicine and laboratory needs. All of their products are CE-certified and sterility is guaranteed to the DIN EN ISO 11137 standard.

All products of Reproline GmbH are manufactured in a certified clean room of ISO class 7 and have to pass manifold quality controls during the production-processes, so that each product that leaves their production site undergoes 100% control. Computer technologies, laser optics, and computer assisted production processing enables a lot of manufacturing data that allows them to iteratively improve the precision and accuracy of the product with each batch.

No product is released for sale before passing MEA and LAL testing, and has been gamma irradiated.

The Reproline Range

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