Optimas is the manufacturer of precision borosilicate glass micropipettes including ICSI, holding, embryo biopsy, trophectoderm biopsy, TESE and PZD pipettes, and IVF pasteur pipettes for use in ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques).

Optimas was established in 2013 by Senior Embryologists with decades of experience. This approach means quality and continuous improvement is embedded into their work-ethic.

Holding Micropipette

Holding pipettes are used for the stabilisation of the oocytes during intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and the embryos during embryo biopsy procedure.

Optimal tip length and design, and inner diameter size enable a precise aspiration control. These micropipettes are provided in two different sizes in order to meet your varying micromanipulation requirements.

ICSI Micropipette

ICSI pipettes are used to aspirate the sperm cell and inject into the oocyte during an ICSI procedure. Optimally parallel design and elvow-to-tip length enable a precise intraluminal fliud control, which gives better control during sperm injection and makes carriage of multiple sperms possible. Also includes an optimally designed sharp tip enables easy penetration into zona pellucida and a gentle entrance in the cytoplasm

Fertility Biopsy Micropipettes

Biopsy pipettes are used for the biospy of polar bodies from oocytes, blastomeres from cleavage stage embryos and trophectoderm cells from blastocysts, for purposes of preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

The smoothed tip prevents damage to the cells, and the optimally narrowed elbow-to-tip design enables a precisely sensitive aspiration control.

Optimas Vitrification Straws

Optimas Vitrification Devices are designed to be resistant to liquid nitrogen, and to carry oocytes and embryos in all stages of development. 

The devices have a cooling rate of -30637°C and warming rate of +60102°C, which has been independently validated by Embryotools in Spain.  

The OVDT (Thin Device) consists of a thin strip film firmly attached to a malleable plastic body. The thin strip provides fast cooling and warming rates and optimizes the outcomes.

The OVDC (Curved Device) consists of a more rigid, transparent, curbed tip and a coloured, transparent malleable plastic body. The rigid curved tip provides easy and safe handling of oocytes and embryos. 


  • Fast cooling and warming rates 
  • Available in a number of different colour for easy differentiation 
  • Large place for identity information 
  • Two markers for indicating the side where the oocytes or embryos are placed 
  • Two markers (one on tip of oocyte and embryo loading place and another on the tip of the external cover) for easy attachment of the external cover during vitrification procedure
  • Slim bodies to allow more sample storage per tank 


Devices are quality checked one-by-one, gamma sterilized. Sterility, LAL and one cell MEA tested 

Optimas Product Brochure

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