With hundreds of different types of consumables, it is often difficult to identify the most appropriate medical centrifuge for your laboratory. If you are unsure which of Hawksley's centrifuge options best suits your needs and throughput, or you know that you require a specialist centrifuge outside of our immediate product range - we can still help.

If you send us an enquiry, our product experts will search within our supply chain and will recommend a centrifuge based on specifications and budget that you set out. We supply everything from 15cm x 20cm mini centrifuges, to floor standing units capable of handling hundreds of large volume samples every day.

Furthermore, we are part of the London University Purchasing Consortium (LUPC) framework, the UK Shared Business Services consumables framework, and NHS Supply Chain. This means that domestic institutions are entitled to cheaper equipment with Hawksley by referencing the relevant framework when you come to us for a quotation.

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