An innovation programme in the 1950s set Hawksley & Sons' deep-rooted tradition of producing well-engineered, dependable products; this lead to the construction and manufacturing of a new range of centrifuges. Out of this came the Hawksley Haematospin 1300 & 1400, setting the standard for Micro Haematocrit centrifuges. 

Since then, we have had a selection of centrifuges added to our array. Spanning from micro centrifuges to refrigerated centrifuges to fit to the varying medical areas such as veterinarians and laboratory clinics.

Having engineers like Simon, who have been part of the team for years, is the key reason for the long-lasting quality. Simon and the rest of the shop-floor team have the knowledge & skills to ensure that all the centrifuges Hawksley manufactures meet the high-standards that gave us our exceptional global reputation.

We are proud to supply products that have been complimented for the robustness and ease of use. Recently a worker in American Charity Samaritans, who had over 40 years’ experience in disease research, admired Hawksley’s centrifuge for its "exceptional reliability and sturdiness". Another field laboratory scientists in Nigeria enquired about acquiring a spare part for a Hawksley centrifuge that has been discontinued for 20 years - implying that they were still using a Hawksley centrifuge that could well be over 30 years old. We believe that this proves that Hawksley & Sons is not only able to supply to every corner of the world, but can be relied on for outstanding equipment.