Collection: PRP & PRF

Hawksley have dedicated a lot of time to understanding the safety, quality and scientific considerations that need to be taken into account for PRP and PRF procedures. There are many factors that are at play when reintroducing anything into a human body, let alone a procedure that is supposed to aid with healing and regeneration.

Hawksley & Sons has the expertise and experience to understand the PRP process and have hand-selected a product range perfect for your PRP needs; whether you are new to the field or an experienced surgeon. We also pride ourselves on being open and knowledgeable, so if you want to discuss any queries or concerns about anything PRP related, please contact our Product Specialist, Harvey Barrett, on 0 (+44) 7596 552 408.

5 products
  • T-Lab Specialist PRP Tubes (Pack of 2)
    Pack of t-lab specialist PRP PRF tubes
  • Hawksley Neuation D06 Lab Centrifuge
    Hawksley Neuation D06 PRP Lab Centrifuge | Hawksley |
  • PRF Tubes (Box of 24)
    PRF Tubes (Box of 24)
  • T-Labs PRP Kit
    t-labs prp kit with needles, tubes
  • Hawksley Neuation PRP Centrifuge C4000
    Neuation Lab Laboratory Centrifuge C4000 | Hawksley