The following article is based on Matt Tomlinson's publications and blogs that reveal the importance of Computer Aided Semen Analysis (CASA) technology. CASA is undoubtedly one of the key technological advancements in the IVF and andrology field, that will change the way samples will be processed and quality will be improved.

In many andrology laboratories around the UK, the preferred practices for semen analysis are still manual methods. This means that the analysis of andrology samples is still carried out by clinical staff instead of computers. Whilst all these scientists are highly trained and very professional, the need to eliminate mistakes associated with human error, and opt for more automated systems, is becoming increasingly apparent year on year. Especially in comparison to the advancements seen in other NHS laboratories (particularly haematology).

Moving towards increased automation is important because for andrology to remain a scientifically robust field, it needs to generate reproducible results with maximum accuracy, and – despite all the regulations that are in place to avoid faulty assessments – eliminate the element of human error which is inevitable in any manual scientific analysis. The evidence is clear on the fact that the use of CASA systems is the most effective method available to minimise the number of inaccuracies that happen during analysis; leading to more clinical reliability and less men having to receive a wrong assessment of their fertility.

Matt Tomlinson has been a figurehead of pioneering CASA technology in the UK and. With a team consisting of Andrologists and Computer Scientists at the University of Nottingham, he has developed a CASA software called SAMi (previously Sperminator). The developers of this software and Mitrone Healthcare Ltd. are working together to increase awareness about CASA and facilitate the distribution of this system to accredited UK laboratories. We at Hawksley completely support the notion of modernising the medical industry this way and we have partnered with both Matt and Mitrone to help roll out these kinds of advances around the UK, where Hawksley now head up the fulfilment of their CellVision™ slides to the wider UK audience. 

September 13, 2022 — Aiste Pokvytyte

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