t-labs prp kit with needles, tubes
t-labs prp kit with needles, tubes
t-labs prp kit with needles, tubes
t-labs prp kit with needles, tubes
t-labs prp kit with needles, tubes

T-Labs PRP Kit

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Hawksley are very excited to begin working with T-Labs, as their UK distributor of PRP kits.

This decision was made after months of research on the safety, flexibility and user-experience in a wide range of PRP systems. In the end, T-labs came out ahead in all of our key areas; quality, safety, customer service, reputation and knowledge.

This kit consists of all the components you need to deliver excellent PRP treatment, which is flexible in both platelet recovery rates and selecting your ideal platelet concentrations.

Hawksley offer bespoke training if you are a PRP practitioner or trainer thinking of trialling the t-lab kit. We also allow for distributorships of our t-lab kits, so please do get in touch if you are a business involved in training and supporting new PRP practitioners.


T-LAB PRP Kit includes 2 T-LAB PRP Tubes in each kit. T-LAB PRP Tube is a 10ml volume, vacuumed tube, that contains 1ml of the anticoagulant. T-LAB PRP Tube is interior Gamma Sterilized tubes. The tubes do not include Ficoll or gel. T-LAB PRP Tubes are nonhemolytic. It is recommended that 2 ml of PRP shall be harvested from each T-LAB PRP Tubes. And totally 4ml of PRP can be harvested from one T-LAB PRP Kit.

T-LAB PRP Kit includes 1 T-LAB Re-Suspension Tube in each kit. T-LAB RE-Suspension tube is a 5ml volume, plain tube. T-LAB Re-Suspension Tube is an interior Gamma Sterilized Tube. The tube is non-hemolytic. Total 4 ml of PRP is collected to 5 ml T-LAB Re-suspension tube according to the instruction of the manufacturer. Recommended Re-Suspension process is gently shaking the tube for 30 seconds - 1 minute.

There are 2 injectors in each kit. One of them is 5ml capacity and the other one is 1 ml capacity sterile injectors. 5 ml injector is used to collect the PRP and to carry the PRP to T-LAB Re-Suspension tube. 1 ml injector is used to apply the PRP to the patient. There are 3 needles in each kit. A Long Needle, a 21G Needle and a 30G needle. Long needle is used to harvest the PRP from T-LAB PRP Tube and to carry the PRP from T-LAB PRP Tube to T-LAB Re-Suspension Tube. 21G needle is used to harvest the re-suspended PRP inside from the T-LAB Re Suspension Tube. 30G needle is for injection.

There are 2 pieces of equipment in the kit. It is used to draw blood from the patient into the T-LAB PRP Tube. No other equipment is needed to draw the whole blood from the patient.




  • 2 units of PRP Tube(s)
  • 1 unit of Re-suspension Tube
  • 1 unit of Long Needle
  • 1 unit of Holder
  • 1 unit of 1ml Injector
  • 1 unit of 5ml Injector
  • 1 unit of 30G needle
  • 1 unit of 21G needle
  • 1 unit of Blood Collection Needle

    How to Use
    • Open the box.
    • Open the sterile blister package.
    • Attach Blood Collection Needle to Holder.
    • Apply the Blood Collection Needle to sanitized part of the patient’s arm. (Venous)
    • Attach PRP Tube inside the holder to Blood Collection Needle. (Routine Phlebotomy)
    • PRP Tube is a vacuumed tube. The tube collects enough amount of blood and stops itself. (Apply both tubes, without removing the Blood Collection Needle from the vessel.)
    • Centrifuge both tubes in a centrifuging device at 830 G for 8 minutes. Buckets shall be compatible for PRP Tubes (16 X 100 mm tube size).
    • Attach Long Needle to 5ml Luer-lok Syringe.
    • Collect the PRP by sticking the Long needle into the PRP Tube above the RBC Layer (Do not open the Lid of the tube unless it is not performed under Laminar Flow Conditions)
    • Collect carefully 2ml of PRP Layer.
    • Carry PRP to the Re-suspension Tube.
    • Apply again the same protocol for the other PRP Tube.
    • Carry again PRP to the Re-suspension tube.
    • You have app. 4 ml of PRP inside the Re-suspension tube. (Re-suspension tube is 10 ml capacity sterile tube)
    • Gently shake the Re-suspension tube for 30 seconds to homogenize the settlement of the possible clumped cells in the plasma milieu. (Re-suspension process)
    • Attach the application needle (Green Needle - 21G) to 1ml Luer-Lok syringe.
    • Collect the re-suspended PRP inside from the Re-Suspension Tube.
    • Change application needle (green needle - 21G) to injection needle (yellow needle - 30G)
    • Apply the injection method to the patient.
    Instructional Videos
    Amber PRP Instructions (about 5x concentration)




     Pure PRP Instructions (about 3 - 4x concentration)


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