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The T-Lab PRP kit is an easy to use, highly effective all-in-one kit which provides you with all the equipment you need for a seamless PRP treatment. One of the kits' key strengths is in its flexibility, showing proven results in aesthetics, hair loss and orthopaedics. 

Proven Performance

Platelet Recovery Rate: 82.6% - Platelet Dose: 4.4 Billion - Purity: 95.2%

Proven Quality

The T-LAB PRP Kit production is carried out to T-LAB's GMP standards in 1 ISO 8 room, 4 ISO 7 rooms, 1 ISO 5 clean room, from plastic raw material to tube assembly, from sterilization to packaging, in its own facility with ISO 13485 medical device quality standards. The sole purpose of all these quality processes is to always deliver the best product with the same quality. T-LAB ISO 13485 quality management system is audited and certified by Lloyd's Register, one of the largest certification bodies in England, as well as organizations authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the European Commission.

Proven Security Control

The T-LAB PRP Kit goes through more than a hundred control stages from raw material purchase to reaching the patient. T-LAB tests and verifies each production step many times, and reports and manages its processes open to third party inspection. They apply their security controls with the sensitivity of producing each of their products with the same high standard of quality.


High DEPA Score

T-LAB PRP Kit offers you the perfect combination of the highest platelet recovery rate, the best platelet dose and true purity, with its developed protocols, compatible components and specially developed tubes to obtain PRP.

*DEPA score data is taken from comparative analyses made within the scope of “PRP Classification”, which was organized by impartial physicians within the scope of IMCAS congress and attended by the world's leading PRP manufacturers. T-Lab performed higher on all three factors compared to the biggest industry competitors.

*At IFATS 2019 Marseille, France Congress, Dr. Taken from Jeremy Magalon's unbiased benchmark presentation.




Products Use

TLAB - PRP Tubes

2 x T-LAB PRP Tubes

T-LAB PRP Tubes are 10ml volume, vacuumed tubes that contain 1ml of the anticoagulant. The tubes are interior Gamma Sterilized tubes. They do not include Ficoll or gel, and are nonhemolytic. It is recommended that 2 ml of PRP is harvested from each of the tubes, meaning 4ml of PRP is harvested from each kit.

T-LAB Resuspension Tubes

1 x T-LAB Resuspension Tubes

The PRP kit includes 1 re-suspension tube - a 5ml volume, plain tube. The recommended Re-Suspension process involves gently shaking the tube for 30 seconds - 1 minute.

Injectors and needles

1 x 5ml injector

1 x 1ml injector

1 x Long Needle

1 x 21G Needle

1 x 30G Needle

There are 2 injectors in each kit. One of them has a 5ml capacity and the other one has 1 ml capacity sterile injectors. The 5 ml injector is used to collect the PRP and to carry the PRP to the T-LAB Re-Suspension tube. The1 ml injector is used to apply the PRP into the patient. There are 3 needles in each kit. A Long Needle, a 21G Needle and a 30G needle. The long needle is used to harvest the PRP from the PRP Tube and to carry the PRP to the re-suspension Tube. The 21G needle is used to harvest the re-suspended PRP inside the re-suspension Tube. The 30G needle is for injection.

Phlebotomy Set

1 x Holder

1 x Blood Collection Needle

There are 2 pieces of equipment in the kit, used to draw blood from the patient into the T-LAB PRP Tube. No other equipment is needed to draw blood from the patient. 



How to Use


  1. Attach Blood Collection Needle to Holder.
  2. Apply the Blood Collection Needle to sanitized part of the patient’s arm. (Venous)
  3. Push the PRP Tube inside the holder to the Blood Collection Needle. (Routine Phlebotomy)
  4. The PRP tube is vacuumed, so blood is collected to the correct amount and stops when full. Apply both tubes in the holder, without removing the Blood Collection Needle.
  5. Centrifuge both tubes in a centrifuging device at 830 G for 8 minutes. T-Lab tubes are compatible with most medically standard PRP centrifuges that accept 10ml tubes. (16 x 100mm)
  6. Attach the Long Needle to the 5ml Luer-lok Syringe.
  7. Collect the PRP by sticking the Long needle into the PRP Tube above the RBC layer. (Do not open the Lid of the tube.)
  8. Carefully 2ml of the PRP Layer, and carry PRP to the re-suspension tube. Apply the same protocol for the other PRP Tube.
  9. You should have approximately 4ml of PRP in the re-suspension tube. Gently shake the Re-suspension tube for 30 seconds to homogenize the settlement of the possible clumped cells in the plasma milieu.
  10. Attach the application needle (Green Needle - 21G) to the 1ml Luer-Lok syringe. Collect the PRP from the resuspension tube to the syringe. 
  11. Change the application needle (green needle - 21G) to the injection needle (yellow needle - 30G.
  12. Apply your preferred injection method to the patient.



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