IVF Pasteur Pipettes

By Optimas

IVF Pasteur Pipettes is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

IVF pasteur pipettes are used for the collection and manipulation of the cumulus-oocyte complexes during oocyte collection procedure (OPU), preparation of culture droplets within culture dishes and for denudation of the oocytes subsequent to shaping over the fire. They are specifically designed for use in IVF laboratories; they are plugless, and contain no particles or endotoxins. They can be easily formed on the fire. They are packaged in 5, LAL and MEA tested, and gamma-sterilized.

Come in packs of 100. 

Optimas micro-pipettes are designed by senior embryologists and manufactured in cleanroom conditions from ultrasonic washed high grade borosilicate
glass with a strict quality control management.

CE (93/42/EEC) and ISO 13485 certified.


 Product  Description Outer Diameter (micrometer) Inner Diameter (Micrometer)  Total Length (millimeter)
IVF Pasteur Pipette Handling of oocytes, sperm and embryos 1500 1200 150

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