Embryo Biopsy Pipettes

By Optimas

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Biopsy pipettes are used for the biopsy bodies from oocytes, blastomeres from cleavage stage embryos and trophectoderm cells from blastocysts, for purposes of preimplantation genetic diagnosis. The smoothed tip prevents damage to the cells, in an optimally narrowed elbow-to-tip design enables a precisely sensitive aspiration control. Biopsy micropipettes are provided in different inner diameters in order to meet your varying micromanipulation requirements.

Come in packs of 10


Technical Specifications


Outer Diameter


Inner Diameter


Angle (°)

Bevel to Tip Length (Micrometer)

Total Length (Millimeter)

Blastomere Biopsy Pipette 45 35 30 700 54-56
Trophectoderm Biopsy Pipette (S) 40 30 30 700 54-56
Trophectoderm Biopsy Pipette (L) 35 25 30 700 54-56
Polar Body Biopsy Pipette 25 15 30 700 54-56

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