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Covid 19 Visor protection mask
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Covid-19 Face Visor

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Manufactured at the Hawksley Rapid Prototyping Facility our 3D printed face visors provide full face protection for hospital staff, care workers and technicians. These visors are ideal for those seeking protection against Covid-19.

The visor's are being used across the UK in GP surgeries, hospitals and care homes for the battle against Covid-19.

The visor comes in two parts: frame and shield. Shield's are replaceable. 

  • Light Weight 
  • For protection against Corona virus
  • Flexible frame with comfort in mind.
  • Universal strap attachment
  • Full Face Protection
  • Low cost
  • Made in the UK from biodegradable plastic
  • Latex Free
  • Halogen Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Covid 19 compatible
Technical Specifications
Specification Covid-19 Visor
Frame Material  3D printed PLA White
Sheet Material Crystal clear PVC
Autoclavable? No
Visor Weight 20g
Covid 19 Compatible? Yes

Face Shield Covid 19 - Assembly Manual