Accumax 15ml & 50ml Centrifuge Tubes (Pack of 25)

By Accumax

Available in 15ml and 50ml sterilised tubes, racked or in bulk, save time and money on these high-quality, cost-effective centrifuge tubes. Made from Polypropylene, racks come in packs of 25 pieces, and bulk bags come in 500's. 

Technical Specifications
  • Leak proof seal for prevention against accidental spillage
  • Clear and large graduations on tube body
  • Large writing surface on body for easy marking and labelling
  • Clear transparent surface
  • Can withstand temperature from -80° to 121°C
  • Compatible with all standard and high-capacity centrifuge rotors
  • Non cytotoxic & biologically inert
  • Options for regular white tube and in amber colour for light sensitive reagents

Centrifuge Tubes Brochure

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