Accumax 15ml & 50ml Centrifuge Tubes (Pack of 25)

By Accumax

Hawksley are equipped with the centrifuge consumables you need. Available is 15ml and 50ml sterilised tubes, racked or in bulk, you can save time or save money on these common consumables. Made from Polypropylene, racks come in packs of 25 pieces, and bulk bags come in 500's. 

Technical Specifications
  • Leak proof seal for prevention against accidental spillage
  • Clear and large graduations on tube body
  • Large writing surface on body for easy marking and labelling
  • Clear transparent surface
  • Can withstand temperature from -80° to 121°C
  • Compatible with all standard and high-capacity centrifuge rotors
  • Non cytotoxic & biologically inert
  • Options for regular white tube and in amber colour for light sensitive reagents

Centrifuge Tubes Brochure

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