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Best Stand SA182 - Electric Patient Stand

SA182 + SL-SA664
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About BestStand Home Lift 

The BestStand Home Lift is a practical and affordable sit-to-stand patient lift. The compact design allows for easy maneuverability with a carrying capacity of up to 400 pounds. This patient lift is ideal for sliding under furniture and beds with it’s base height at just 4.9”. The base of the lift opens to allow for wheelchair or toilet access with the use of a convenient foot pedal. An adjustable knee pad provides cushion and support for the patient’s legs during transfers.  The lifting range from 37” to 59.1” provides security and comfort for partially weight bearing patients. Large ergonomic handles are easy to grip and deliver extra stability to both the patient and caregiver while transitioning from a sitting to standing position.

The BestStand Home Lift can be easily operated with the hand pendant/control or the soft-touch up/down buttons located on the control box. This lift is designed for caregiver convenience, as the patient can easily be lifted and transferred with minimal physical effort. An optional conversion kit from hydraulic to electric is available if needed. The BestStand Home Lift works with a standing sling.


Why the BestStand Home Lift  is Right for You

The BestStand Home Lift is an affordable and reliable patient lift. The compact design lets the caregiver easily maneuver the patient, and the versatile base allows for wheelchair and commode access without the need for additional equipment. This patient lift is an accessible, simple, and durable product.




Technical Specifications

 Dimensional Specifications

Weight Capacity 400Lbs/ 182kg
Product Weight 110Lbs/ 50kg
Lifting Range 38" to 60.5"
Base Width (Open) 33.9"
Base Width (Closed) 24.9"
Upright Mast Height 40"
Overall Base Length 37.5"
Base Height 4.9"
Max. Boom Width 17.7"
Knee Height Ext 22.6"
Dimensions 40"(L) x 26"(W) x 12"(H)



Product Name/Material Part Number Description Size Chest Weight Capacity

Stand Assist Sling 



Material: Non-woven Polypropylene

SL-DSA662 Padded (10/cs) M 30″-46″ 400LB
SL-DSA663 Padded (10/cs) L 34″-53″ 600LB

Stand Assist Sling 



Material: Polyester

SL-SA661 Deluxe Padding S 26″-42″ 400LB
SL-SA662 Deluxe Padding M 30″-46″ 400LB
SL-SA663 Deluxe Padding L 34″-53″ 450LB
SL-SA664 Deluxe Padding XXL 46″-64″ 600LB
SL-SA669 Buttock Support Strap Standard  N/A 400LB
SL-SA669B Buttock Support Strap Bariatric  N/A 600LB
SAL1230-KB Calf Support Strap Standard  N/A N/A

Sani Toileting Sling 



Material: Polyester

SL-TP331 Padded (10/cs) M 26″-42″ 400LB
SL-TP332 Padded (10/cs) L 30″-48″ 600LB
SL-TP333 Padded (10/cs) M 38″-60″ 400LB
SL-TP334 Padded (10/cs) L 58″-73″ 600LB

BestCare SA182 Brochure

BestCare SA182 Owners Manual

BestCare SA182 Dimensions