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Best Lift PL400E - Full Body Electric Patient Lift

PL182 + SL-GPH482
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The PL400E series is Bestcare’s answer to a wide range of patient-care scenarios. Featuring a 400 lb. maximum weight capacity, the PL400 is easily adaptable to a variety of challenges while still allowing a great degree of comfort and control for patient and caregiver. The PL400 series follow the customary settings of Bestcare’s other patient lifts. Bestcare’s Performance Electronics is the standard interface for caregivers and the six-point spreader bar provides a wide range of options for usage of slings while ensuring security and comfort.

  • 400 lb. carrying capacity
  • Six-point spreader bar
  • Optional digital weigh scale
  • Optional two-point spreader bar

The PL400E is a battery operated Patient Lift with a low 4.7" base height to fit under most beds. This system operates on a 24VDC 5AH rechargeable battery that provides about 40% more lifts per charge than competing brands. Includes battery and charging system with low charge and load capacity warning.

Dual User Controls For Greater Reliability: The PL400E is equipped with both a hand control (pendant) and a control box. The multiple modes of control, allow to the PL400E to function in the event the control pendant is lost.

Easy Base Opening/Closing: The BestLift PL400E includes a foot pedal operated base opening for wheelchair/commode access. Low base height provides maximum stability and fits under beds.

Applications: Designed for both in-home use and nursing home or facility applications.

Emergency Backup System: The PL400E has a lift and lower emergency backup system.

Sling Compatibility: 6-Point Spreader Bar. Works with most 2, 4 or 6-Point Slings.

Safe Patient Transfers: The BestLift PL400E allows a person to be lifted and transferred safely, with minimum physical effort provided by the caregiver.


Technical Specifications


  • Dual Controls, onboard and corded remote
  • Ability to lift patient from floor
  • Lightweight, unit weighs 165 lbs.
  • Spreader bar works with 4- or 6-Point Slings
  • Foot pedal base opening for wheelchair/commode access
  • Low base height (4.7") provides maximum stability and fits under lower beds
  • Includes overload and low-battery warning alarm
  • Built-in battery gauge
  • High capacity Battery Pack
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Overload protection
  • Battery Charger works on 110-120VAC 60HZ, or 220-240VAC 50HZ
Dimensional Specifications  PL400E
Maximum Capacity 400Lb/ 182kg
Base Legs Length 44.9"
Base Closed External Width 24.9"
Base Open External Width 42.9"
Mast Height 48.3"
Base Height 4.5"
Min. Lifting Height 25.8"
Max. Lifting Height 68.1"
Turning Diameter 61.3"
Net Weight 99Lb/ 45Kg
Shipping Weight 108Lb/ 49Kg
Lift Weight Unloaded 100.6Lb/ 45.7Kg
2 - Point Spreader Bar


Charging Cradle Optional
Digital Scale Optional
Additional Battery Pack Optional

Control Unit Specifications

Control Unit Specifications PL400E
Input Voltage  220-240VAC 50Hz / 110-120VAC 60H
Output Voltage 24 VDC
Battery Pack 24 VDC-5AH
Lift Control Handset & Panel
Protection Class IP54 (Protection against dust and splash of water)
Sound Level Under Full Load 16dB
Sound Level Under No Load 11dB
Life Cycles Per Charge 25 full cycles under full load
Overload Warning by LCD
For more sling information visit:  Bestcare Sling Range

Sling Types:

  • Universal Sling - Universal slings or “U” shaped slings mold around the body easily. Features six to eight hook-up straps for an array of attachment options to a six-point spreader bar. 
  • Pediatric Sling - Pediatric slings are specialty slings designed for use with children. This is a “hammock” style sling with added upper thigh support. Unlike the common split-leg sling, each thigh is supported individually and both thighs are kept close together by an additional secure loop. 
  • Sani Sling - Sani-Slings are made for maximum functionality and patient dignity. Eliminates need for poorly designed slings with commode opening. 
  • Replacement Sling for Liko® / Guldmann® - Replace your Liko® or Guldmann® split-leg sling with this compatible sling. These slings are made from high-weight polyester fabric and are available with or without head support.
  • Replacement Sling for Hoyer® - Replace your Hoyer® classic sling with this compatible sling. These slings feature padded body and legs and are available with or without head support. 
  • Replacement Sling for Invacare® - Replace your full body Invacare® sling with this compatible sling. These slings are available in Mesh fabric with or without a commode opening. Solid fabric and bariatric sizes are also available.
  • Stand Assist Sling - Experience the most comfortable stand assist sling on the market! Lumbar and underarm padding provide maximum comfort for the patient. 
  • Disposable Sling (Single Patient Specific Sling) - Bestcare Single Patient Slings are made from a polypropylene nonwoven layered fabric which allows for a cost effective method of controlling cross contamination and serves as an excellent alternative to woven cloth slings whose cost accumulates over time along with required upkeep and laundering.

 Sling Materials:

  • Polyester
  • Mesh - For bathing applications -woven fabric that has a large number of closely spaced holes.
  • Polyester with PU Coating
  • Nonwoven disposable - Infection control, polypropylene, latex free
  • Special woven polypropelene - Polyester, acrylic coated fabric

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