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Best Lift PL400C - Electric Patient Lift

PL150NE + SL‐UP892
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PL400C Electric Patient Lift Low Base

The low base fits all kind of wheelchairs and beds; it is easily adaptable to a variety of challenges while still allowing a great degree of comfort and control of patient and caregiver.


Technical Specifications
A Base Leg Length 101.5cm
B Base Height 11.5cm
C Mast Height 120cm
D Base Open External Width 97cm
D’ Base Closed External Width 53cm
E Max. Lifting Height 175cm
E’ Min. Lifting Height 63cm
  Unit Net Weight 35kgs
  Lockable Caster Yes


For more sling information visit:  Bestcare Sling Range

Sling Types:

  • Universal Sling - Universal slings or “U” shaped slings mold around the body easily. Features six to eight hook-up straps for an array of attachment options to a six-point spreader bar. 
  • Pediatric Sling - Pediatric slings are specialty slings designed for use with children. This is a “hammock” style sling with added upper thigh support. Unlike the common split-leg sling, each thigh is supported individually and both thighs are kept close together by an additional secure loop. 
  • Sani Sling - Sani-Slings are made for maximum functionality and patient dignity. Eliminates need for poorly designed slings with commode opening. 
  • Replacement Sling for Liko® / Guldmann® - Replace your Liko® or Guldmann® split-leg sling with this compatible sling. These slings are made from high-weight polyester fabric and are available with or without head support.
  • Replacement Sling for Hoyer® - Replace your Hoyer® classic sling with this compatible sling. These slings feature padded body and legs and are available with or without head support. 
  • Replacement Sling for Invacare® - Replace your full body Invacare® sling with this compatible sling. These slings are available in Mesh fabric with or without a commode opening. Solid fabric and bariatric sizes are also available.
  • Stand Assist Sling - Experience the most comfortable stand assist sling on the market! Lumbar and underarm padding provide maximum comfort for the patient. 
  • Disposable Sling (Single Patient Specific Sling) - Bestcare Single Patient Slings are made from a polypropylene nonwoven layered fabric which allows for a cost effective method of controlling cross contamination and serves as an excellent alternative to woven cloth slings whose cost accumulates over time along with required upkeep and laundering.

 Sling Materials:

  • Polyester
  • Mesh - For bathing applications -woven fabric that has a large number of closely spaced holes.
  • Polyester with PU Coating
  • Nonwoven disposable - Infection control, polypropylene, latex free
  • Special woven polypropelene - Polyester, acrylic coated fabric



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