Best Lift PL182 - Full Body Electric Patient Lift
Best Lift PL182 - Full Body Electric Patient Lift
Best Lift PL182 - Full Body Electric Patient Lift
Best Lift PL182 - Full Body Electric Patient Lift
Best Lift PL182 - Full Body Electric Patient Lift
Best Lift PL182 - Full Body Electric Patient Lift
Best Lift PL182 - Full Body Electric Patient Lift

Best Lift PL182 - Full Body Electric Patient Lift

PL182 + SL-GPH482
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The BestLift™ PL182 is the perfect blend of form and function for patient transfers. With an overall base length of 44.9”, maximum width of 42.9”, and base height of 4.5”, it is the perfect solution for transferring bariatric patients in small rooms with low beds.

  • 400lb capacity
  • Dual front castors
  • New electronics with 24/7 capability
  • New hand operated base opening

About PL182

This lift’s construction creates stability and safety during patient transfers. The low 4.5” base height can fit beneath beds and furniture. The base expands from 24.9” to a generous 42.9” to provide increased stability and safety for both the patient and the caregiver. The standard 2 point spreader bar provides plenty of strength, though you can upgrade to the 6 point spreader bar if you’re looking for more support and versatility. Dual front casters and a hand-operated base opening make for easy operation; the lift can be maneuvered in tight spaces of a small home room or around rooms crowded with medical equipment. An optional digital weight scale further streamlines your caregiving.

Most valuable of all, however, is the lift’s lifting range. The range of 25.8” to 69.1” means the lift can transfer patients from the floor, from beds, and from chairs. It’s a highly versatile lift that will be highly valued in any care environment.

Why the BestLift PL182 Is Right for You

The BestLift Mobile Floor Lift is a high-capacity lift that can handle the transfers of bariatric patients from floors, beds, and chairs. Its durable construction ensures the safety of both patient and caregiver, and its maneuverability means you can easily use the lift even in tight spaces. Whether you’re navigating a small bedroom at home or need a versatile lift for your professional care facility, this lift’s 400-pound weight capacity means it can be used with many different patients. This patient lift is a great choice for many different applications.



Technical Specifications

 Dimensional Specifications

Dimensional Specifications  PL182
Maximum Capacity 400Lb/ 182kg
Base Legs Length 44.9"
Base Closed External Width 24.9"
Base Open External Width 42.9"
Mast Height 48.3"
Base Height 4.5"
Min. Lifting Height 25.8"
Max. Lifting Height 68.1"
Turning Diameter 61.3"
Net Weight 99Lb/ 45Kg
Shipping Weight 108Lb/ 49Kg
Lift Weight Unloaded 100.6Lb/ 45.7Kg
2 - Point Spreader Bar


Charging Cradle Optional
Digital Scale Optional
Additional Battery Pack Optional

Control Unit Specifications

Control Unit Specifications PL182
Input Voltage  220-240VAC 50Hz / 110-120VAC 60H
Output Voltage 24 VDC
Battery Pack 24 VDC-5AH
Lift Control Handset & Panel
Protection Class IP54 (Protection against dust and splash of water)
Sound Level Under Full Load 16dB
Sound Level Under No Load 11dB
Life Cycles Per Charge 25 full cycles under full load
Overload Warning by LCD


Sling SKU Description
Universal Sling
Sani Sling  
Pediatric Sling


Sling SKU Description
Invacare Replacement Sling
Hoyer Replacement Sling
Liko/Guldmann Replacement Sling (M, L, XL) SL-GPH482 / SL-GPH483 / SL-GPH484
This Replacement Sling is a comfortable transfer sling and designed to provide maximum user comfort as well as ease of use for the carer whilst lifting. This sling has been specifically designed for quick and easy positioning behind the patient. 


Sling SKU Description
Invacare SPS Sling
Universal SPS Sling  
Liko / Goldmann SPS Sling
Reposition Sheet






BestCare PL182 Brochure

BestCare PL182 Owners Manual

BestCare PL182 Dimensions