Vitrex Sutures

In partnership with Vitrex, we at Hawksley now offer a broad range of sutures. Equipped with a industry experience of 85 years, the result is the current modern product range of absorbable and non−absorbable sutures, which consists of more than 1500 individual surgical suture products.

Production takes place in accordance with GMP guidelines, and a comprehensive quality management system in line with ISO 13485 has been implemented. All products have been CE marked since 1999.

We understand that suture selection is no easy process therefore we have provided comprehensive guides on our suture range. If you are interested in trying out our sutures please contact us for more information and or to request a free sample. We will be happy to guide you through our range and provide a solution!

Whatever sutures you currently use please feel free give us a call and we'd be more than happy to recommend an equivalent suture in our range. You can also use our helpful guides below to start understanding our sutures.

Needle Guide   |   Understanding The Packaging   |   Competitor Thread Comparison   |   Competitor Needle Comparison