Collection: Specialist Cell Counting Chambers

Hawksley's Specialist Cell Counting Chambers are purpose designed for either a single particle type or can be used for a variety of purposes. They are grouped together to separate them from the more common chambers used primarily for the counting of human/animal blood/serum content.

The range includes, amongst others, worm egg, chemotaxis and geofossil slides. All are supplied with the appropriate cover glasses and instructions on their usage.

9 products
  • Dunn Chamber
    Dunn Chamber | Hawksley Counting Chamber
  • Improved McMaster Egg Slide
    Improved McMaster Egg Slide Counting Chamber | Hawksley
  • Helber Bacteria Counting Chamber
    Helber Bacteria Counting Chamber | Hawksley
  • Malassez Counting Chamber
    Malassez Counting Chamber | Hawksley
  • Nageotte Counting Chamber
    Nageotte Counting Chamber | Hawksley
  • Fertility Semen Counting Chamber
    Fertility Semen Andrology Counting Chamber | Hawksley
  • Geological Slide
    Geological Slide | Hawksley
  • Single Depression Slide
    Single Depression Microscope Slide | Hawksley
  • Two Depression Slide
    Two Depression Microscope Slide | Hawksley