Collection: Non-Absorbable Sutures

Non-absorbable Sutures from Vitrex offers a great range of sutures at a very competitive price. Our range covers a multitude of applications including cardiovascular,  orthopaedic, traumatology (tendons), plastic and ophthalmic surgery, skin closure, subcutaneous tissue, transversely cut muscles, fascia, peritoneum, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels ligation to name a few.

Whatever sutures you currently use please feel free give us a call and we'd be more than happy to recommend an equivalent suture in our range. You can also use our helpful guides below to start understanding our sutures.

Needle Guide   |   Understanding The Packaging   |   Competitor Thread Comparison   |   Competitor Needle Comparison 



9 products
  • Chiraflon Monofilament Blue
    Chiraflon Monofilament Blue Sutures | Hawksley veterinary sutures
  • Chiralen Monofilament Blue
    Chiralen Monofilament Blue Sutures | Hawksley non-absorbable sutures
  • Silon Monofilament Blue
    Silon Monofilament Blue Surgical Sutures | Hawksley
  • Tervalon Braided Green
    Tervalon Braided Green Surgical Sutures Non Absorbable | Hawksley
  • Silon Braided White
    Silon Braided White Surgical Sutures | Non-Absorbable | Hawksley
  • Silon Braided Black
    Silon Braided Black Surgical Sutures | Non Absorbable | Hawksley
  • Orsilon Braided White
    Orsilon Braided White Sutures | Hawksley
  • Silk Braided
    Silk Braided Surgical Sutures Non Absorbable | Hawksley
  • Steel Wire
    Steel Wire Surgical Sutures Non Absorbable Chirmax | Hawksley