Collection: Cover Glasses & Cell Counting Machines

Hawksley's Cover Glasses comply rigidly with BS748 which sets down in precise detail the specifications and dimensions of the cover glasses. This is important, as use of a non-standard cover glass could result in count inaccuracies.

Hawksley's Totalisers are an intuitive differential cell counter that simplifies blood cell counts. When a total of 100 cells is counted, a bell rings. The percentage of each type of cell can then be read directly from the window above each key. A simple counter-clockwise rotation of the end knobs will zero all the counts.

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  • Cover Glass
    cover glass for counting chambers. z50000
  • Totaliser
    Totaliser Haemotology Cell Counter Baso Eosin Myelo Juven Stab Seg Lymph Mono | Hawksley