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In surgery or intensive care there are moments when the only way to control a patient's temperature effectively is the obvious way - the application of a warm or cool surface to the patient's skin. And when you do this, you need to have complete control of the process. You need safe and simple tools and gentle and uniform heat gradients.

Hawksley's water-filled mattress heating and cooling systems combine sophisticated technology with easy, intuitive controls to give you, the clinician, dependable safe devices that keep patient body temperatures as you want them.

Uniquely Hawksley's patient warming and cooling systems also incorporate a rippling function into the mattress to reduce the risk of pressure sores on a patient.

Easy to maintain and with hard wearing consumables, the Hawksley Ripple Heat and Ripple Cool machines are built for longevity, intuitive operation and good value.

Please ask us about lease and rental arrangements and prices for larger volumes.

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