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Patient warming and cooling system

There are a number of ways to warm or cool patients during perioperative care or in intensive care. Hawksley’s water systems are probably the most effective on offer, giving distinct and clear advantages over air, gel and electric systems.


  • Fast and effective heat transfer
  • Warming both under and over the patient
  • RippleCool has the ability to cool as well as heat patients
  • Dependable and easily controllable temperature gradients, with patient probes to give feedback.
  • Comfortable easy-to-clean mattresses
  • Pressure sore reduction using mattress
  • Rippling to relieve pressure
  • A very low cost in consumables
  • Mechanically simple and dependable equipment with a long lifespan and very low maintenance costs
  • Low risk of patient injury by equipment malfunction
  • Low risk of airborne recycled sources of infection


Prices and ordering

Alternating pressure cycle   Both the the RippleHeat and the RippleCool 6/40 are unique in providing a ripple cycle within the mattress which aids prevention of pressure sore development for immobile or unconscious patients. In OT or ICU.or Recovery room the cells of the mattress alternate in pressure every six minutes thus changing pressure points continuously.
Precise temperature control   High Efficiency heat exchange system with rapid flow through the mattress ensures accurate temperatures ± 0.5°C across the entire mattress surface.
Alarm/status display   Constant monitoring of the temperature and flow systems to check for error with indicators to show the status of the instrument and any fault conditions. Visual and audible alarms alert the user to high temperature and, in the case of RippleCool, low temperature as well.
Quick couplings   Leak free polypropylene quick couplings connect the mattress to the instrument. Self-sealing valves on the mattress and the instrument allows disconnection with no water loss and the warm blanket can remain under the patient in transit.
High-quality mattress  

Durable double-laminated PVC mattress with dual cells for lternating pressure. The mattress use sanitised material which is extra thick to avoid tears and permit extended use and is guaranteed for 12 months.

Six sizes of mattress are available to suit operating table and hospital beds for Infant, Child or Adult patients

Splashproof controls   Smooth surface membrane controls with tactile switches give an easily cleanable splashproof areas.
Filling and drainage   Filling the unit with water is monitored by a convenient sight guage and a tank water level sensor. Low water level is identified by sensors and a visual/audible alarm will alert the operator. Drainage of the system is carried out by a simple self sealing valve at the base of the unit and cannot be accidentally turned on or off.
Safety in use   The Hawksley RippleHeat and RippleCool are built in compliance with BS5724 and IEC 601. Visual and audible alarms alert the operator to patient and instrument fault conditions and the alarm system can be tested from the control panel or paused during use.
Serviceability   Use of modern materials and design techniques permit easy servicing and microprocessor self-diagnostics assist in amy fault finding. All parts are guaranteed for 12 months and routine maintenance is simple and low cost.
Additional RippleCool features
    For those procedures requiring rapid cooling the Heat/Cool system can be switched to a Fast Cool mode, cooling at a rate of 1 degree per minute.
Automatic patient temperature control   By setting the desired patient temperatures, the microprocessor monitors actual patient temperature through a temperature and automatically regulates heating or cooling to achieve the desired set point within safe upper and lower limits.
Probe display   Three patient temperature probes can be used to monitor temperatures at different sites on the patient. Temperatures from these probes are continuously shown on three bright LED displays in °C or °F giving superior patient information for core and peripheral temperature.
Delta T calculation   Automatic calculation of the difference between Probe 1 and Probe 2. The difference between core and peripheral skin temperature can be clearly seen for information durinf fluid therapy, anaesthesia and perfusion therapies.
Technical specifications
  RippleCool 6/40
Classification   Class 1 equipment
Shock protection   Type B
Degree of mobility   Mobile equipment
Ingress of liquids   Ordinary
Mode of operation   Continuous
Power consumption   2.4 kw 220/240 50Hz ac
Heater   2 x 650 watts @ 240v ac
Refrigerator   830 watts @ 240v ac
Temperature range   6°C - 40°C (± 0.5°C accuracy)
  43°F - 104°F (± 1°F accuracy)
Heating time   From 6°C to 40°C in 34 minutes
Fast cool time   From 40°C to 6°C in 36 minutes (Depending on mattress size)
Tank capacity   9 litres
Pump   Centrifugal double ended magnetic drive
Flow rate   Rippling - 46 litres per hour - Non-rippling - 82 litres per hour - (Standard Hawksley adult mattress)
Mattress pressure   Rippling - 0.35kg cm2 - Non-rippling - 0.30kg cm2 - (Standard Hawksley adult mattress)
Ripple cycle   6 minutes
Probes   Use Hawksley probes or Yellow Springs 400 or equivalent with standard 1/4" right-angled jack socket
Overall dimensions   455mm W x 660mm D x 890mm H
Weight   69.7kg (empty)
Anaesthetic proof   Mattress only
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