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Chemical & haematology analysis

Point-of-care analysers are becoming ever more popular for putting haematology and clinical chemistry results rapidly into the hands of the clinicians. Patients' results can be made available within minutes of a sample being taken, ensuring they receive the best possible care.

Hawksley's coagulation analyser, clinical chemistry analyser and haematology analysers are user-friendly and compact devices and are ideal for point-of-care analysis, smaller laboratories or back up machines in the larger centres, enabling nurses or laboratory staff to quickly and easily analyse samples taken on site.

Hawksley also supply a superb Plate Reader and a Plate Washer, both state-of-the-art devices making the production of results faster and easier at a very economic capital cost.

Hawksley offers the complete package with their machines including, Training, service support and reagent supply. Everything you need for a trouble-free clinic or laboratory.

Please ask us about lease and rental arrangements and prices for larger volumes.


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