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For over 50 years we have manufactured finely engineered products – tough, reliable and designed for easy operation – at prices our competitors find hard to match. In addition to our iconic Haematocrit centrifuges, we now have a wide range of benchtop machines, incorporating the latest induction motor and computer control technology to give you years of trouble-free operation to your laboratory.

Our helpful service staff will give you advice and support and our committed design and development team will assist with any special rotor requirements you have.

For Haematocrit measurement, Life Sciences, teaching or routine Diagnostic Lab preparations choose from our range of great centrifuges.

Please ask us about lease and rental arrangements and prices for larger volumes.

Equipment available in this section
HaematoSpin 1300 HaematoSpin 1400 HaematoSpin 1400 Dual Speed
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