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It is worth remembering just how expensive pressure ulcers can be.
Estimates of the total cost to the NHS in the UK range from £150 million in 1982 to over £750 million now. A full thickness sacral ulcer extends hospital stay by over 25 weeks at a cost in excess of £25,000.

Hawksley has supplied pressure relieving mattresses for over 20 years and uses its own tried and tested engineering to ensure total reliability and a level of value for money unequalled in the marketplace today. There are many imitators but few who offer so straightforward a choice.

The idea that ulcers develop only in long-stay geriatric patients is far from the truth. Most pressure ulcers are to be found in acute hospital wards. A survey as long ago as the 1960s showed that the incidence of ulcers after admission to a geriatric unit was 24%, with the majority occurring in the first two weeks after admission.

Pressure ulcers are too costly to risk allowing them to start. Look at the prices of our superb mattress systems and consider how little is will cost to give all your long stay and acute patients the first line defence against ulcers.

Please ask us about lease and rental arrangements and prices for larger volumes.

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